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      People often ask the question: Why buy a weight lifting belt?

      The word actually says it all; you wear a belt during (heavier) weightlifting, and that is exactly what you use a weightlifting belt for: a weightlifting belt provides you with extra support. By increasing the pressure on the weight lifting belt at the front, the large forces from the back are absorbed and you are able to lift larger weights than without a weight lifting belt. You can also prevent back injuries in part, which can disrupt your training schedule and delay the achievement of your goals.
      A weightlifting belt, Dutch for a weightlifting belt, is a belt that you wear around your waist in the gym while training for weightlifting, strength training/fitness or bodybuilding. That is why this weightlifting belt is also called a fitness belt. Weightlifters often wear a weightlifting belt during clean & jerk exercises or while doing squats. A weightlifting belt is extremely important for exercises that require power with a straight back.

      A weightlifting belt is often confused with a powerlifting belt. but there is definitely a difference. The weightlifting belt is a relatively thin belt at the front, which extends to a slightly wider part at the back. For example, the weight lifting belt provides support in the back, while the narrower front restricts your freedom of movement as little as possible. Weightlifting belts are generally a bit more flexible.

      Difference powerlifting and weightlifting belts.

      A powerlifting belt is the same width over the entire length of the belt. Due to the equal width over the entire length of the powerlift belt, it gives maximum amount of support for exercises such as deadlifts. A powerlifting belt, in contrast to a weightlifting belt, is also a bit stiffer and will restrict your freedom of movement a bit more, but that is optimal for making deadlifts. Are you looking for a Powerliftbelt or Powerliftbelt? View our entire range of powerlifting belts .

      Buying a weightlifting belt - what are the points to consider?

      When purchasing a weightlifting belt or fitness belt, there are a number of points that you should take into account.

      First; which material should I choose for my weightlifting belt?
      Leather weight lifting belt or nylon weight lifting belt?

      The most common materials are leather or nylon. The main difference between the two materials is in the stiffness. The leather weightlifting belts are a stiffer which increases the level of support. Nylon weightlifting belts, on the other hand, are more flexible and have fewer restrictions in freedom of movement. At Tigerbelts we only sell weightlifting belts made from the best quality leather.

      Heavy or light? Sustainability?

      Another difference between the two materials for a weight lifting belt is the weight; leather straps are slightly heavier. Given that weightlifting involves fast and explosive movements, a lighter weightlifting belt can be an advantage. But by using the best quality leather that we use, a leather fitness belt will have a longer lifespan than a nylon belt. At Tigerbelts we believe so strongly that you get a lifetime warranty on your weightlifting belt!

      The choice of material ultimately depends on your personal preference; are you going for more support and durability, or more flexibility and light carrying weight?

      Dimensions – thickness, width and length.

      The thicker and wider a Weigliftingbelt, the more support it offers when lifting. In general, weightlifting belts are relatively thin, often less than 1 cm. At Tigerbelts, our weightlifting belts are exactly 10mm thick. You can also opt for a lining at the back, which provides extra comfort. However, the lining ensures that the belt offers a little less strength.

      The biggest difference between different fitness belts is often in the width (height) of the belt at the back. Often the size is 10 cm, sometimes 12 cm, or more. We at Tigerbelts have opted for Weigliftingbelts with a height of 12 cm for optimum support. A higher altitude is not always better from this point. Because the belt is less wide at the front than at the back, you will notice that the support at the back is not the same across the entire width. Mainly the middle of the belt is under tension. In general, a width of about 12 cm is the best choice. At Tigerbelts we always have your size weightlifting belt. From size XS for a waist circumference of 50 to 60 cm to XXXXL for a waist circumference of 115 to 135 cm.

      Find the perfect weightlifting belt for your taste

      At Tigerbelts you have a wide choice of Weightlifting belts in terms of color. Do you really want a unique weightlifting belt? We both have standard models on which you can have three lines of colored text embroidered on . Still not unique enough? Then design a complete Custom weightlifting belt with our weightlifting belt design tool !


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